Friday, May 06, 2005

101 Things

1. I hate chocolate.
2. I love it when my mom brushes my hair.
3. I always buy Adidas running shoes.
4. I love acoustic music.
5. My favorite nail polish is OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy.
6. I have long eyelashes.
7.I have really short pinky toes.
8. I love to dance.
9. As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut.
10. I can memorize the lyrics to most songs after hearing them just once.
11. My dad has the best head of hair of any man. Ever. He was kind enough to bless me with nice hair.
12. I was born with a heart murmur. Until the age of 18, I had to take 2 days of antibiotics before any dentist visit in order to avoid any complication from stirred-up bacteria during a cleaning. It scared the hell out of me.
13. I have two sisters. We were each born in a different decade - '76, '89 and '90.
14. Nobody’s ever been able to plan a surprise party for me because I’m snoopy.
15. I used to bury time capsules in the back yard of my childhood home and then dig them up the next day.
16.I was sent to the principal's office for calling my AP History teacher a sexist pig. In my defense, he was a sexist pig.
17. I played the clarinet until high school.
18. I won the President’s Academic Fitness Award in 6th grade.
19.The best kiss I ever got was while standing outside in a snowstorm.
20. I used to hate the color pink.
21. I love bubble baths.
22. Every time I’ve ever met someone famous, I've said something totally dumb.
23. Since birth, I've lived in 11 different houses/dorms/apartments/townhomes.

24. I worry about everything.
25. The summer before my senior year of high school still stands as the best summer of my life.
26. I find cooking very relaxing.
27. I only worry about getting married soon because of my grandpa. He’s an Episcopalian minister and I’ve always dreamed that he would perform the ceremony. The older he gets, the more I worry that he won’t be there for my wedding. I can’t imagine it without him.
28. I love hats. I want to go to the Kentucky Derby just for the hats.
29. My all-time favorite song is “She Talks to Angels” by the Black Crowes.
30. I’ve never had chicken pox.
31. I learned to drive a stick shift on my dad’s riding lawnmower.
32. I make really good banana bread.
33. I can’t make pancakes to save my life.
34. I was in 10th grade before I found out that pumpkin wasn’t spelled PUNKIN.
35. I was born in St. Louis, Mo.
36. When I was a kid, I could eat a stick of butter like a Popsicle.
37. Had I been a boy, my name would have been Jared Cameron.

38. My son’s middle name will be Cameron as it’s a family name. I am hoping that whomever I marry will be ok with this.
39. I can’t wear socks to bed.
40. I believe in fate.
41. I hate mayonnaise except when on a BLT.
42. Every time I get on an airplane, I have my Auntie Ann’s rosary with me.
43. I used to have dreams about my teeth falling out all the time.
44. I’ve never been afraid to speak in public. I actually love it.
45. I was born in late July and am a textbook Leo.
46. I broke my left arm in three places when I was 5 years old by falling off of a swing set.
47. The first CD I owned was “Gonna Make you Sweat” by C&C Music Factory.
48. I regularly sing and dance in the shower. Surprisingly, I’ve never sustained any serious injuries because of this.
49. I’m terrified of needles and have to lie down when I have blood drawn.
50. I got shoved in a locker when I was in 7th grade. The hall monitor didn’t find me for 25 minutes.
51. One of my first memories is that of my babysitter braiding my hair while we watched Solid Gold.
52. French toast? Yes, please. Brought to me in bed? Even better.
53. I once thought I had a tumor on my head. Turns out, I just have a lumpy head.
54. I love Diet Coke and drink it way too much.
55. I'm terrified of being an obligation to anyone.
56. My family has a cabin in Westcliffe, CO. It is my favorite place on earth.
57. I once cut and permed my hair to look like Baby from Dirty Dancing.
58. The first boy I ever kissed had really chapped lips and bad breath. From that day on, I’ve always had lip balm and mints with me at all times.
59. I ended up in the emergency room with an ulcer when I was 19.
60. I’m an optimist.
61. The first concert I went to was Michael Jackson. My mom wouldn’t buy me a glove so I put glue all over a sock, rolled it in glitter and then WORE IT TO THE CONCERT. ON. MY. HAND.
62. I’m a procrastinator.
63. I love to travel but will always call Colorado home.
64. Loyalty is huge with me. If you’re not loyal, I don’t need you.
65. My mom took me to see 101 Dalmatians when I was little. When Cruela DeVil was driving her car down the road to get her puppy fur coat I stood up on my seat and yelled, “You’re a very bad person Cruela! Very, very bad!!!” When she crashed her car, I cheered.
66. I snuck a cigarette with my friend Aliza when I was 9 years old. We lit the wrong end and freaked out when the filter started on fire.
67. My parents got divorced when I was 3. I don’t have a single memory of them together. I’m just recently coming to terms with that.
68. As a broadcast journalism major in college, a consultant watched my portfolio video and told me that I looked too ethnic for my name. She suggested I either change my name to something more ethnic or change my look to appear "whiter". I suggested she kiss my ass.
69. My mom’s friend Jan gave me the nickname Baby K when I was about 6. There are still people who call me this today.
70. I hate scary movies.
71. I am extremely self-conscious.
72. I love the word “blue”. I just love the way it feels when I say it.
73. I’m a hopeless romantic but I can’t stand cheesy crap.
74. I write, throw a ball and swing a golf club right-handed. I eat, throw darts and putt left-handed.
75. When I was 6 we got a Golden Retriever puppy and named her Trouble. Trouble slept in my room, followed me wherever I went and would wake me up every morning by wagging her tail against my bed and licking my hand. I was a senior in college when my dad called to tell me they had to put her to sleep. I was inconsolable for a month and still miss her.
76. I like cigars.
77. I started talking at 10 months. My mom handed me something and I said "Thank you".
78. I have been to 27 states in the USA.
79. I have been to Mexico, England, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.
80. I’ve kept a journal since I was 4 years old. My mom used to write my entries as I dictated them to her. I still have every one of them.
81. One really bad break-up drove me to write poetry. While it was meant to be deep and meaningful, it is without a doubt, some of the funniest writing I’ve ever done.
82. I have some freckles on my arm that look like a happy face.
83. You show me a dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives and I’ll show you a happy girl.
84. The first piece of jewelry I ever received from a boy was when I was in 4th grade. It was a ring with a pink stone in the shape of a heart and it turned my finger green.
85. I hate the sound of someone clipping their nails. It grosses me out.
86. I make my bed every day.
87. My hands and my feet have the softest skin ever.
88. My elbows have the roughest skin ever.
89. When I can’t sleep, I picture a field of poppies that I saw while in Spain.
90. I have really nice penmenship.

91. I used to think my family was dysfunctional because I came from a broken home. As I got older, I began to realize that every family has dysfunction – whether the home is broken or not.
92. I secretly wish I could play the piano.
93. I love bridges.
94. I always wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic.
95. I’m a news junkie.
96. I have been, on occasion, a notorious drunk-dialer.
97. I had my wisdom teeth removed the summer I turned 18. I was allergic to every pain medicine they gave me and threw up for a week.
98. I gave up French fries for Lent one year. It was the longest 40 days of my life.
99. Much to my father’s chagrin, I’m a registered Democrat.
100. I have really tiny ankles that twist often and have been the cause of many embarrassing moments.

101. I love baseball more than lip gloss and vodka and new shoes. Ok, maybe not more than new shoes…

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