Thursday, December 08, 2005

Once, Always, Never

I once broke my arm in three places.
I always have Grey Goose in my freezer.
I never wear red lipstick.

I once had drinks with a MLB player.
I always make my bed.
I never saw Pulp Fiction.

I once walked in on a cheating boyfriend.
I always believe things happen for a reason.
I never went to prom.

I once won $200 on a scratch ticket.
I always make lists.
I never cry at funerals but lose it later when I’m by myself.

I once loaned someone a lot of money that I never got back.
I always cry at the scene in “Love Actually” when the little boy is running after his girl in the airport.
I never wear the color yellow.

I once refused to throw up in a bathroom because it smelled like bubblegum. (I was drunk.)
I always love surprises.
I never go more than six weeks without a haircut.

I once set the deck on fire trying to BBQ.
I always drink Diet Coke.
I never leave the house without lip-gloss.

I once left my window open in a car wash.
I always stay up too late.
I never get anywhere on time…except work.

I once let Amber color my hair and it ended up pink.
I always cry when I throw up.
I never leave my doors unlocked.

I once paid for Taco Bell with dimes, nickels and pennies.
I always twirl my hair.
I never leave for a vacation without calling my parents first.

I once drank sake until I had to be carried to the cab.
I always spend too much money at Sephora.
I never want to disappoint my family.

I once jumped into a revolving door with my company’s top TOP dog.

I always love to cook for people.
I never eat peas.

I once sat next to Rod Smith at a Nuggets game.
I always take cream and sugar in my coffee.
I never listen to techno.

I once got stitches on the back of my leg because my dog’s collar sliced it open.
I always make nachos on Super Bowl Sunday.

I never want to live in L.A.

I once slept in a bath tub.
I always read People and US Weekly.

I never balance my checkbook.

I once had someone add themselves to my car insurance after they found an old statement in the trash.
I always throw out milk a few days before it expires.
I never tell someone I love them if I don't.

I once wrote a letter to Santa telling him I'd been good all year. I was grounded when I wrote the letter.
I always take lots of pictures.
I never like it when someone touches my neck...unless they're kissing it.

I once locked myself in my closet while someone was trying to break in to my house in college.
I always sing to people when I call them on their birthdays.
I never throw away cards or letters.


UltimateWriter said...

Nice work. You're original. Can't say that about many people. Keep it up.
In your vast (wink wink)spare time, feel free to leave a comment on the Blog @

Chekkit out!

Marissa said...

What a fabulous idea, Kendra! LOVE this entry. Okay, as always, we're so alike...especially this one:

I once left my window open in a car wash.
I always stay up too late.
I never get anywhere on time…except work.

SAME HERE!! Well, except now I work from home, but when I did used to leave my house for work, it was the only place I was ever on time!

Whinger said...

I throw away the milk before it expires, TOO!

Becki hated that and would frantically drink milk for fear it would be wasted.

beckibee said...

Now I've caught both of y'all's paranoid and throw out the milk before it expires OR slam down the rest of the milk like it was a coors light in college.

Cheryl said...

I love this idea! Oh, and I once paid for Taco Bell in coins too! It was quite a sight to watch me sort pennies.

Miladysa said...

I love this post!

Amber said...

IN MY DEFENSE, it was the reaction of your hair to that particular color -- NOT MY FAULT. And I will always remember the deck fire and the ensuing explanation to your dad.

Ok, now I'm going to play.

You once drove your dad's brand new SUV for a few miles with the emergency brake on because we were too distracted by singing "H to tha Izzo" to notice

You always put your friends first

You never let me put my feet on you because of your crazy aversion to feet in general

Timmortal said...

I once dated three girls at the same time.

I always try not to get caught.

I never seem to win this game.

Jill said...

I have also paid for Taco Bell with spare change. I think my brother and I did that for the entire summer after I graduated college/he graduated high school.

Oh, and Kendra, my word verification right now is cFaEET