Monday, December 26, 2011

The Good Old Days

So here I am, trying to write again. I always have the best intentions when I say I'm going to write on this blog again but then stuff happens and I don't. But the thing is, writing makes me happy. It's a stress reliever. And even my very worst writing is good because it's a creative outlet for me and lately I've realized that some form of creativity is necessary in life for me to be happy.
I won't try to fill in the last couple of years on here because a) that feels overwhelming and I don't need overwhelming right now and b) I doubt anyone who read this blog back in the day still reads now so no point in the update. I'm sure there will be some stories from the past because there are just some that should be shared...


hello haha narf said...

yaaaaaaaay for my google reader! i'll admit to being shocked at seeing your name pop up, but since i haven't really written in ages i so totally get it.
hope your christmas was merry and magnificent.
and welcome back.

BeckiBee said...

hurray! welcome back! I can't wait to read about shenanagans. Oh, and tomfoolery too. Is Tomfoolery capitalized?